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September 12-2014 - Issue #261


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To help prevent your organization from such attacks at the network perimeter, the security filter for the Microsoft Lync Server 2010, Edge Server monitors sign-in attempts and enforces account lockout at the network perimeter.  


Lync Protocols Poster

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Welcome to the SIP, UC Apps & Cloud Communications Forum   


Infonetics released its latest market stats on SBCs.  AudioCodes and Sonus rise and Oracle dives but you decide for yourself what it means.






https://origin.ih.constantcontact.com/fs179/1102578441475/img/2862.jpgABC News released its Top-10 apps for surviving college (click on graphic for list).  Guess which UC app made on the list and it wasn't Lync.  It was Skype.  Now if you have any sense of belief that what you will learn in college will "stick with you" latter, guess who wins at least in the simple mind of college students.  This is yet one more reason why Microsoft sees Skype as their leading UC app.

Speaking of apps, any kinds of apps, email me your 1-5 top fav apps of anything and will keep it anonymous and compile a list of them.  You can also include your kids and others you think are cool apps. 
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Use Employees to Get Time Back for Your Technical Team - Give your engineers and administrators needed time to complete other work.


Control What Employees Can See and Change - Configure self service to control which MACDs are off-loaded and which ones are not.


Significantly Reduce Operational Expense - Off-Load costly MACDs from busy, highly skilled engineers to corporate employees.

Deploy Off-Loading in Single and Multi-Vendor Environments
- enable employees to access multiple vendors' systems from one, easy-to-use portalhttps://origin.ih.constantcontact.com/fs179/1102578441475/img/2873.jpg

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This is a special edition from AudioCodes to help you gain insights for their solutions and thought leadership.   

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Using the SBC Configuration Wizard:

An Interview with Michael Williams  Click here


Voice is Coming to LTE Click here  


Are IP Phones Doomed? Click here  




If you have any comments, please send them to cross@gocross.com 



Lync Gets Zen  


From out of left field but not a new player Zenoss jumps into the Lync network management field.  There new Microsoft Lync ZenPack provides capabilities that are common across many of our commercial ZenPacks, including:

- Discovery and Modeling: Automatically identifies Lync sites, nodes (computers) and services running on those nodes, along with their relationships to other infrastructure resources



- Performance Monitoring: Monitors all the metrics that help you understand the health and performance state of your Lync environment, such as average holding time for incoming messages, average message processing time, number of active conferences, number of users, total failed calls, current parked calls, media connectivity failure, and authentication failures.

- Event Management: Issues alerts if any of the above performance metrics exceed defined thresholds and provides the ability to trigger automated remediation for defined scenarios

- Service Impact: Models the relationship between the service and underlying infrastructure components to provide service-centric views into availability and performance risk, along with automated root cause analysis for service issues

Zenoss for Lync is free to all their existing platform customers.


Bottom-line - Net management is an amazing complex concept and when you think about it Lync is just another toy you need to monitor.  Adding Lync give them another tool to use in their toolbox. 



Reality Customer Check - Lync - Yammer - Mirrored Exchange and more  


Always love a customer case study as they tell the real story of how a product is used and not often how the vendor built it.  A few months ago  ITOCHU began using the Lync, Yammer internal SNS application and  SharePoint Online internal and external information sharing and management application.  Starting now they began using Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Exchange Online mailer and scheduler. Some 6,000 IDs have been issued to ITOCHU's workforce to date.  

Exchange Server and Exchange Online, both of which require high security and flexibility, will be available principally from a private cloud created with NTT Com's Enterprise Cloud, as well as from a public cloud using Office 365 as backup, helping to realize an extra convenient and robust communications environment. Mail is mirrored to Office 365 in real time, which would enable ITOCHU to use this backup data for business continuity in the event of a disaster.





ITOCHU, which emphasizes the individual potential of each employee, has been a forerunner in creating advanced work environments for frontline employees, ultimately for improved efficiency. Using next-generation ICT infrastructure designed and constructed by NTT Com, ITOCHU employees are now working in extra-efficient office environments worldwide, regardless of location or type of device. Going forward, ITOCHU expects to achieve greater worldwide competitiveness as a result of deploying its NTT Com-provided global cloud environment.

Bottom-line - Mirrored email is not just a great DR strategy but probably a must-have for regulatory compliance (though in this case they are not a US corp).  



Lync Apps and Twitter Accounts


Here is a start at compiling a list of all the Lync app providers and their Twitter accounts. If you are keen on Lync please follow them and @techtionary to get into the social media game.  If you are not listed or have additional Twitter accounts please email us.     


Note: Some companies also provide Professional Services and applications may support other PBX systems


Twitter Name


CA Technologies





















Modality Systems















Enabling Technologies















ACS Lync
























CTI Group









Ferrari Electronic










































Bridge Communications









Dolphin Norway




































Calero Software






CVT (Australia)



Note: This is a new section, so many yet to be added.




Don't be shy if you have any comments or want to do your own OPED, please send them to cross@gocross.com 



Why A TECH Twitter Scoreboard 


https://origin.ih.constantcontact.com/fs179/1102578441475/img/2866.jpgWith ~135,00+ new users a day signing up for Twitter and 271 million monthly active users with 500 million Twitter posts are sent per day and 78% of Twitter active users are on mobile, Twitter is "the" means for nearly all aspects of your business including human resources. If you are still not convinced of the importance of Twitter for your business click one image for article on Top-10 reasons for using Twitter for your business.  


If you still doubt the power of Twitter here are some recent news headlines regarding Twitter and social media.  


- An IBM sales study indicates that 75% of B2B buyers are likely to use social media as part of their purchasing decision.


- Via Linkedin - "By 2015 50% of buyer-seller-support interaction will happen through social media by 2020 it will be 85%." 


- Via @NPR radio "AC Nielsen reports that 87% of Twitter users surveyed make #buying decisions based on #Twitter posts and followers.


In today's business world, you are measured by many factors including the number of Twitter followers you have.  In fact many surveys have found that websites in general are perceived as passive customer communication tools with Twitter being a far more proactive customer-engaging tool.  These surveys have also found an increasing number of customers go to your Twitter account before they go to your website doing "due diligence" on you looking for call-to-actions, thought leadership and content useful in their purchasing as well as customer complaints regarding your solution.  Your client may not have a Twitter business account but they may have a personal account and their advisors may as well.


https://origin.ih.constantcontact.com/fs179/1102578441475/img/2822.jpgTECH Twitter Scoreboard
Here comes a new tool. The Tech Scoreboard is designed to give you a benchmark of your Twitter performance as you can't force people to Follow you and according to an increasing number of sources - customers visit your Twitter before they go to your website.  Gaining "meaningful followers" is a voluntary one, it is a good measure of "good will" you have in the marketplace you serve.


Categories for Companies & CEOs Listed

Master Agencies/VARs | Distributors | Dealers | Professional & Managed Services | Outsourcing | Telephone Companies | Internet Service Providers | Carriers | Transit | Peering | Wholesale | Co-Location | Cable | Broadband | Data Centers | Cloud | Hosting | PBX/IP/SBC, Cloud/Hosted Communications | VoIP/SIP Trunking | Cloud APIs Apps | Saas-Paas | Contact Center Solutions | SDN-Software Defined Networks & NFV-Network Functions Virtualization - Bandwidth Management | Phones and Special Devices | Security | Specialty | Management | Billing | Call Accounting | Microsoft Lync Apps | WebRTC | OSS | TEM | Payment Processing | Chat-Pic Apps | Collaboration | MDM-Mobile Device Management


Bottom-line - Twitter is a must-have for customer service and the fastest, best way to post promotions, press, products, specials, buzz, events, reports, support issues and more.



Gartner: Cisco v. Lync


I attended a great webinar by Gartner - click on image for all the slides.  While I don't think their "quadrants" have any real value as they are just too vague.  However, here are a few slides that are of great value in your UC evaluation.   Dan O'Connell was the presenter and please note that the presentation was really about cloud UC, however, from all my own research I agree with him that Lync is still a DIY project but users love its features and Cisco is a solid PBX platform but users hate Jabber. 






Don't be shy if you have any comments or want to do your own OPED, please send them to cross@gocross.com 



One Last Look Office 365 Gets Compliance


As a long-term fan of Actiance, this new app keeps them on the leading edge of social media compliance. Actiance released its governance solution for Microsoft Office 365, including Exchange Online and Lync Online.    


Actiance now allows organizations to capture, monitor, archive and review Exchange Online emails and Lync Online instant messaging This means for regulated companies, FINRA, SEC, FERC, and other agency regulations require supervisory and recordkeeping capabilities for real-time communication channels.  "But this is also becoming a growing concern for non-regulated companies," said Kris Vann, Information Governance Counsel at Actiance.  "Cases are going beyond email now.  IM and social forum communications are increasingly showing up in lawsuits around employee harassment, discrimination, product liability, defamation, breach of contract and other types of civil litigation.  Companies have eDiscovery obligations to capture, collect and preserve IM and forum content when litigation is imminent.   In certain circumstances the duty to supervise arises even earlier."

https://origin.ih.constantcontact.com/fs179/1102578441475/img/2860.jpgBasic archiving capabilities are available on native Office 365 Lync Online, but there are major gaps that make it insufficient for meeting governance requirements for most organizations.  Greg Buckles, founder and research consultant for the eDJ Group, explains that "Lync Online IMs are stored in individual user mailboxes rather than to the Lync archiving database.  Users can disable IM conversation history.  There is no centralized management functionality to monitor or ensure tamper-proof protections for IMs or file transfers." 

The Actiance Governance Platform helps organizations meet supervisory, recordkeeping and eDiscovery obligations for Office 365 for both Exchange Online and Lync Online. To improve their governance of Office 365, organizations can useVantage to monitor communications to identify business critical content needing to be retained, and scan for compliance events needing review by a supervisor.  They can then archive email and IM in Alcatraz, the first context-awareTM cloud archive, a repository for all their critical communications, which reduces the cost of eDiscovery by uniquely displaying dynamic social content in context.  Actiance ensures chain of custody through tamper-proof capture and archiving to a WORM-compliant repository.






Regulatory compliance is on the rise as a must-have for more and more companies.  Even if you are not required you should have this kind of solution because it can literally save you a fortune in legal fees when that unexpected law suit emerges.  If you look through Actiance's solutions you will find they have a full suite of tools to CYA now and in the future.  




 Today, Lyncosphere - "Lync Visualized" is released.

Click on image for Lyncosphere (uses Flash)


After a lot of beta testing and feedback this new microsite that is designed for indepth explanations and explorations of Lync by providers of Lync solutions and applications. 

Here are some view comments: 


"Lyncosphere is an innovative way to help sales, channel and end users "see" how Lync works. This really helps me engage with customers faster and get solutions understood by all the decision-makers."

                              - Matt Jolly - Senior Support Engineer Vology.com


"Lyncosphere visualizes how Lync works and helps you understand which 3rd party Lync solutions are available to provide additional functionality to your Lync environment." 

                              - Rui Maximo - CEO Lync-Solutions.com


"This is a very good - well done indeed, it would be of great use to both channel partners and end users evaluating Lync."

     - Douglas GreenPublisher, TelecomReseller/Usernews Publications - The World's Leading News Source for Unified Communications, Collaboration and Cloud  www.telecomreseller.com 



#NotOneMore - IM Voice - Broadcast Alerts - Personal Alarms - Group Chat




As the need to protect staff, students, customers, visitors and others increases, there is a corresponding need for mobile apps to add some level of notification and emergency communication.  iPeerSafe is a personal and peer safety and social networking alert and chatting app allowing users to add text, images and audio recordings for iPhone, iPad or iTouch.


Key features:

- Personal Panic Alarm with posting text, images, color-coding priorities and audio recordings to Facebook, Twitter, email and emergency calling


- Broadcast Alert with text, images, audio recordings and color-coded highlights to all users in same school


- Class Assignment feature for class work projects and collaboration as well as teacher-student chatting


- School/college peer, group, parent and global chatting


https://origin.ih.constantcontact.com/fs179/1102578441475/img/2696.png - Journal-Diary - private and shareable notepads on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Email as well as doodlepad graphics tool


- Weather from local area


- Calendar with more than 70 icons to indicate type of meeting and reminders  


Please visit http://ipeersafe.com/ for tips, applications and ideas.





Bottom-line - I have completed a brief exploration of findings in research in more than 30 citations regarding both real and online safety dealing with other persons of potentially harmful and deadly threats including bullying and cyberbullying.   







Click here  for Top-10 Tips for Personal & Peer Safety in School, Business, Campus and Public Settings.





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https://origin.ih.constantcontact.com/fs179/1102578441475/img/2477.jpgSecurity Issue - Restricting Remote Access to Only Corporate-Issued Computers



Corporate security policies require employees to use only corporate-issued computers to connect to the corporate network. Personal devices aren't permitted to connect to internal resources. How can I enforce security policies for users connecting to Lync Server from a sanctioned computer?



By configuring the Security Edge Filter and Security Web Filter to block NTLM authentication requests as well as restricting authentication requests from only authorized Active Directory domains, the Security Filters prevent users from connecting to Lync Server from a non-corporate issued computer at the network perimeter.



Lync Server when published to the Internet are susceptible to many types of attacks. Without a solution such as the Security Edge Filter and Security Web Filter, user accounts can easily be locked out in Active Directory Domain Services, passwords can be brute-forced, internal Lync Server resources can be consumed unnecessarily by DDoS attacks, Lync meeting attendees can be hacked by cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks, and many more attacks (SOAP, XML, etc) as shown in the following figure.  



With the Security Edge Filter and Security Web Filters, attacks can be blocked at the network perimeter as illustrated in the following diagram.





Top-10 Tips for #Hast Tags 


Click on image for complete article






Certified Training - Affordable, Available, Actionable & Tax Deductible 


WebRTC-SIP Certification, Social Media Contact Centers, Sales Professionals and Business

Custom and Complete SIP Professional Certification Program




Certified SIP Professional and Senior Certified SIP Technical Professional Testing Now Available


Click on image for details.  TECHtionary is proud to announce the availability of two SIP certification testing and online, online and webinar training programs.  The CSP-Certified SIP Professional certification is designed to review and test general and some technical knowledge with 50 questions.  The Senior Certified SIP Technical Professional (SCSTP)  examination is designed to test advanced technical skills in SIP. The exam consists of 70 multiple choice and true-false questions.  Both tests are designed to help in planning, design, implementation, network assessment as well as security, diagnostics and troubleshooting. 


Some though certainly not all of the topics on the Senior Certified SIP Technical Professional examination include: CODEC, DSP, Clipping, dipping, Queuing Delay, Network Propagation, Serialization, Buffer Delay, Fragmentation, Interleaving, Voice Payload, HSRP, Adaptive Jitter Buffer, Oversubscription, Voice Activity Detector, White Noise, Comfort Noise, Noise Detectors, MOS, E-model, Nyquist-Shannon, Framing, PCM, ADPCM, DSP, CODEC sampling, Transcoding, Tandem encoding, Echo, Echo Loss, Short Tail, Hybrid, SNR, CNR, RFI, Crosstalk, Shared Neutrals, RTCP-XR, SRTP, MD5, CMP, POE, 802.1P, ALG, MSRP, IMS, WebRTC-Apps, SALT, SAML, Voice XML, RPC, BICC, ISUP, IP Multimedia Subsystems and other topics. 




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