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October 31 - 2014 - Issue #268


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 - Manager/Admin/Team functions 

- Caller information displayed 

- Change presence and settings for boss/others  


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To help prevent your organization from such attacks at the network perimeter, the security filter for the Microsoft Lync Server 2010, Edge Server monitors sign-in attempts and enforces account lockout at the network perimeter.  



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RCS "Leans Into" VoLTE    

RCS-rich communications service keeps running into the issue of OTT-over-the-top apps and solutions.  There is an inherent conflict and challenge between those who build highways and those who drive over it.  IP networks are the same and neither ever takes the time to bother to understand the other. Here are a few thoughts on this from Amir Zmora (@AmirZmora) VP Alliances & Partnerships for AudioCodes - click on graphic for complete article. 


Amir wrote, "Service providers are continuing the RCS path and believe that once RCS will be fully integrated with the phone as default, users will use it.  

I believe that service providers should manage a mix of "service provider OTT" with RCS in order to remain relevant. Offering only standard RCS capabilities will make differentiation hard as all service providers will offer the same thing with pretty much the same user interface as defined by the GSMA."   Here are few more thoughts Amir had but you really need to read the whole article to capture the complete perspective. 

- VoLTE is happening.

- Service providers that have already launched VoLTE services are starting to experience the complexity of connecting VoLTE to other networks.

- Service providers understand that VoLTE by itself will not provide the required added value services and are looking for those services in RCS. They should combine these with their own OTT services in order to differentiate.  

(click here for complete article).

Bottom-line -  RCS is "leaning into" or running into VoLTE as apps become  more and more complex.  One reason is the app developers really don't know what rich-media is much less where it is going to be in one or two years much less in ten. However RCS developers and network providers need to meetup and "lean into" each other otherwise it will be real mess.



Top-10 Benefits of UC Gamification

Here are a few of the many benefits of rewards/loyalty programs including some thoughts on gamification and future trends:


https://origin.ih.constantcontact.com/fs179/1102578441475/img/2925.jpg1 - Drive customers to higher product margins (value propositions) - remix the portfolio by investing in higher value areas and making decisions on existing businesses that no longer support our high value strategy.* In addition, gamification in the form of crowdsourcing has proven successful in product design, development and testing of new products and business strategies.

Click on image for all 10 benefits.




Microsoft Band - No Not That Kind but Cool

Microsoft got in the health game with a new gadget called Microsoft Band. Here are just some of the features: 24-hour heart rate monitor, built-in GPS, calorie tracking, sleep tracking, guided workouts, goal setting, UV monitor, email monitor, calendar, Cortana with Windows 8.1, timer and alarm, social media with Twitter and Facebook, cross-compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, text messaging, incoming calls, notification, Starbucks app integration, Bluetooth, stop watch, Optical heart rate sensor, 3-axis accelerometer/gyro, Gyrometer, Ambient light sensor, Skin temperature sensor, UV sensor, Capacitive sensor, Galvanic skin response, Haptic vibration motor, Microphone and more. One cool feature is charge cable connector uses a Magnetically-coupled connector to USB.
There is some mention of connecting Band to Kinect and Xbox as there are number of Xbox fitness apps.  No mention of Skype or Lync but does mention incoming calls.   No mention of price either.  As bands, glasses, watches and other bodywear gadgets get into an increasingly over- crowded there is only so much a body can really seriously wear. Click on either image for Microsoft Band website.







One Last Look Things Required for Managing Cross Network Voice Quality    


https://origin.ih.constantcontact.com/fs179/1102578441475/img/2884.jpgDifferent type of networks perform differently and so when I was asked to consider this article I explored the issues and having developed VoIP apps one needs to consider not just the CODEC but also how voice is going to perform over the network.  For example Skype performs better on my iPhone and iPad than via my PC.  Notwithstanding the issues of my voice or microphones, the app has been optimized because the smartphone is optimized for voice more so than my PC (at least I think so).  This is a guest commentary from Amir Zmora (@AmirZmora) is VP Alliances & Partnerships for AudioCodes.

(click here for complete article).

Bottom-line -
  VoLTE is not just coming but been here and used in more applications that you have never heard of and will be added easily to any mobile app.  Though video, IM, pic sharing and other features all part of any new app, voice by itself may not be as important except as a medium for streaming music or movies.  QoS, network and security still remain my top concerns in designing any new UC network.  Understanding all the elements like VoLTE, PSTN, GSM, VoIP and others will be key in providing a customer experience that we all can enjoy.



This is a special edition from AudioCodes to help you gain insights for their solutions and thought leadership.   

Click on the image for the AudioCodes Company Blog. 


Using the SBC Configuration Wizard:

An Interview with Michael Williams  Click here


Voice is Coming to LTE Click here  


Are IP Phones Doomed? Click here  




If you have any comments, please send them to cross@gocross.com 



Challenge of IP Address Management (IPAM) for Network Operators by Chris Heyn  


Click on image for Linkedin Profile.

One of the most important driving forces in the growth of the internet is the deployment of Machine to Machine (M2M) devices. Network operators today have to face the challenge of how to provision and activate large numbers of devices in as short a time as possible. In addition, the revenue the device generates is extremely small, as little as $0.05 cents a month.

For this reason, traditional solutions used for IP provisioning are now obsolete, and new systems need to be employed and implemented to ensure that network operators remain competitive and profitable. IP Address Management (IPAM) platforms are the answer as they allow the provisioning of large numbers of devices quickly and efficiently.

5 Key IP Address Manager (IPAM) platform requirements

  • Centralization of IP infrastructure management and monitoring
  • Multi-vendor DHCP-Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol - DNS-Domain Name Service management needs to be consolidated using an integrated, single user interface
  • Any active IP address conflicts need to be detected immediately and preventative alerts generated in real time.
  • Proactive monitoring and the IPAM platform needs to contain rich alerting and reporting features.
  • Historic IP tracking together with real time at-a-glance dashboard visibility is a mandatory feature.

Setting IPAM deployment targets and goals

Simplification is the key to a successful deployment that needs to cover IP address management, as well as your DNS and DHCP administration. A rich set of automation tools needs to be available to work smartly and make troubleshooting and management tasks as easy and intuitive as possible.

The IPAM platform must be able to allow the management of both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses using a single administration platform. The platform needs to do this and more including:

  • Accurate IP subnet maintenance
  • Inventory management
  • DHCP scopes to track, provision, assign and decommission IP addresses in your network

The user interface needs to cater for easy delegation, coordination and accountability of workloads across dispersed admin teams. Adopting this platform approach will effectively reduce troubleshooting time and implement proactive management with real-time monitoring and alerts as standard features.

Top 5 selection criteria for an IPAM platform

1)      A well-designed IP address management software platform is essential; it will save a large amount of time for your team. It can drastically reduce the complexity of managing your IP Address installed base. The IPAM platform will ideally track, manage and monitor both IPv4 and IPv6 address installations. Task completion and the resolution of issues can be achieved rapidly and efficiently as manual intervention is reduced to a minimum as documentation provided by the IPAM platform ensures the use of reliable IP addresses. Projects can benefit from the IPAM platform to allow the team to deploy faster, more accurate, and accountable systems time after time.  


2)      Thanks to the deployment of the IPAM platform unification of multi-vendor DHCP and DNS administration just got easier. One of the most important features of an IPAM platform is the seamless support of all servers regardless of whether they are Cisco, Microsoft or ISC Open Source. IP Addresses wherever they are located need to be found easily by enabling teams configure them from a single console. The IPAM performs this task easily.


3)      IP Address problems must be detected as early as possible to avoid the risk of network disruption. The IPAM will work proactively to find issues automatically and then resolve them. This feature covers the detection of non-available IP addresses caused by full subnets.


4)      The IPAM platform allows independent management of DNS, DHCP and IP Subnets. Every management team can manage the address blocks it owns, subnets and DNS and DHCP services without impacting other teams. Implementing role-based administration is strongly recommended, in this way you reduce downtime caused by human errors and streamline user delegation.

5)      IPAM gives you a total radar picture that allows you to anticipate potential IP address conflicts, full DHCP scopes and the risk of DNS mismatches. You can complete IP address changes easily and successfully and therefore manage the IP address growing challenges in the most effective manner confident that your IPAM platform will generate the most successful results.



  • M2M device growth has thrown up the biggest challenge to network operators to deploy working trouble free new IP addresses on a shoestring budget.
  • Manual methods of tracking and managing IP addresses are no longer an option because of their cumbersome nature and risk of disruption caused by human error.
  • The time when individuals had time to search for data spread across data held in multiple source silos has now run out where there is a constant risk that the data contained is already out of date.
  • For this reason, the IPAM platform is a mandatory element in the network operators' arsenal of management tools.

Bottom-line - Get your hands on IPAM evaluation platforms that ready for you right now.  I do not work or have any business relationships with these companies so this information is given freely as free advice to get you started, each link gives you an access to a free trial of their IPAM platform. Here's a few options Bluecatnetworks, Solarwinds and Infowblox.  

Click here to email Chris.  



Skype Gets Faster with Qik and Exorcized by Jon Stewart   


In an already overly crowded UC space comes Qik from Microsoft.  However, they have a huge advantage just like when Facebook bought WhatsApp - huge user base.  Now no app is a guaranteed success and again does the world need another photo sharing app probably not.  Here is what Microsoft says, "Imagine if you could reinvent the Skype experience, taking into account how messaging, selfies and app culture have changed the way we communicate.  https://origin.ih.constantcontact.com/fs179/1102578441475/img/2920.jpgA small team of Skype designers and developers recently took up the challenge to build a new app to run alongside Skype and provide an ongoing form of video chat. They knew they had to create something mobile and lightweight, as spontaneous as messaging but as intimate as calling. And it had to be fun and easy to use. What they created was Skype Qik, and we're so excited to share it with you today.  Each video lasts exactly 2 weeks. And if you send a message by mistake, or don't like the video, don't panic! You can erase any video you've sent from the chat, whether it's been watched it or not. If you don't want to receive messages from someone, you have the ability to block contacts on Android and Windows Phone. https://origin.ih.constantcontact.com/fs179/1102578441475/img/2921.jpgThis feature will be available on iPhone in the coming months."  Guess they are trying to pretend Apple doesn't exist or potentially finding that Apple won't approve it either.   

There is a one feature worth noting but not unique - more like a Snapchat knockoff is Qik Flik. They're like GIFs you record yourself - little 5 second videos you can send with just a tap. We start you out with a couple, but you can record and store your own Qik Fliks so you're ready to respond to anything. This feature is available on Android and iPhone and is coming to Windows Phone in the coming months.  And, while this sounds to contradict availability on iPhone; they should have listed what features are available today and those who knows when.  Click on either image for Skype website. 


Meanwhile Jon Steward and the Daily Show were given a rare treat of giving a product endorsement for Skype.  I doubt that anyone would call it that but it nice to think that there is no such as bad PR and having your product seen by anyone with millions of fans and globally by the Catholic Church can't be all that bad. Click on image for The Daily Show episode.  




Bottom-line -
  Qik is an add-on to Skype trying to keep Skype relevant not caring what Twitter-Vine, Facebook-Whatsapp, Snapchat, Viber and so many others are doing.  Regarding Jon Stewart, it is too funny and shows that whenever you think of how or what people will do with you product they will figure out something you could have never imagined or even help the unholy aka unfans/unfollowers.



Customer Rewards Programs Via Mobile UC Gamification 


In the spirit of full disclose this is an app I am working on based on a customer request.  This app is designed for enhance, build incentives (gamification) and maintain/support the rewards program for iOS (iPhone/iPad/iWatch), Android, Windows and PC/MAC platforms.   The client found our expertise based on our apps and wanted to enhance their own rewards program with some UC features.  This app is not finished but we can customize the features for your own uses.



   Customized Scoreboards based on industry, sport or event.

Add customer to user chat and/or user to user chat.

Add "push notifications" to engage, remind and alert users.

Indepth administrative features (not shown here) customized to integrate with POS-point of sales systems, database and other IT systems as well as standalone.

We can also design and build other app for other business and consumer uses. Inquire for examples.




Stop Interruptions "Office Drivebys"    


Just when you think the world is too complicated comes this really simple and elegantly easy to use product called Busylight.  As the business world moves to more open office concepts and headsets - many users complain about interruptions. While no one is trying to be rude, the reality is that you just don't know when someone is on a call or heads-down on a project. Busylight provides that visual indicator displaying user's Lync Presence to let others know their availability. The result is better collaboration in the office offering companies true business value in productivity gains. Busylight works with Lync and other SIP platforms.  In addition, unlike so many products they have real customers, really happy ones too.


Here are some customer references:

- "We have around 1,000 Busylights installed and expect the overall deployment to be 3,000.  Our users really like the Busylight.  The sound and visual indicator compliments the headset and it has helped secure headset usage at over 95%." John Clayton, Principal Officer (IT), Kirklees Council

- "A great device for someone who misses Lync calls and doesn't like being interrupted when in a call." Tom Arbuthnot (Microsoft MVP)

"15 per cent of employees cite distractions by colleagues as a drain on productivity. Busylight is a solution for that." Microsoft Lync team

https://origin.ih.constantcontact.com/fs179/1102578441475/img/2886.jpgHere are some of the key benefits:

- Reduces costly, unwanted interruptions by co-workers

- Creates awareness and acceptance of 'presence'

- Gives employees control over their availability

- Saves walking to busy colleagues in the office

Bottom-line - Here's a product with a real bottom-line benefit and click on any image for their incredible free trial offers and even an SDK for developers to be even more creative.



T-Mobile CEO Mobilizes via Twitter to Compete


Courtesy -  GeekWire

 (click on image for complete article) -

 How T-Mobile CEO John Legere uses Twitter to stay ahead of rivals  "The truth is, I learn almost everything I need to know to run T-Mobile in there," he told an audience at the GeekWire Summit earlier this week. "On the email from individual customers or on Twitter. I take every Tweet that comes in and I read it. I forward it to people.


My executive team gets them, we reply, and at my staff meeting every Tuesday, we track social media impressions, what they are and how we've responded to them. It takes a ton of time, it's a lot of fun. You got to be real, and you got to be out there. But I am having a ball with it." 



One Last Look WebRTC "As Is" Reality Check     


While WebRTC continues to ramp up the hype around browser communications in a mobile app driven world, I like to think that any technology has a place if users want it.  However, dare I say it marketing may not be enough as users flock to SnapChat, WhatsApp and others but distain from more traditional practical apps on PCs. 


This graphic says it all with more platforms and APIs than deadly viruses all like to claim they will cure your development problems "as if" that is the Holy Grail but more like the "golden fleece."   However, Temasys did put forth a great reality check on the issues.  This is what they said:

- Feature parity across user platforms not fully developed
- Standard natively supported in Firefox and Chrome, soon Opera
- Data channel & Peer-to-Peer often blocked by network operators
- Reference implementation is not scalable
- Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD)
     - Two competing video codec standards
     - Intellectual property and licensing issues
- Mobile devices require native web apps (excl. Chrome on Android)
- Lack of innovation and creativity around use cases
     - Many "replacements" or "extensions" to older technology
     - Everyone wants to reinvent Skype
- Limited developer frameworks, APIs, and platforms that really deliver the promise
of WebRTC
- So far, no "Amazon Web Services of WebRTC

Temasys announced this to help bridge the gap and fill in the major reality check that Apple and Microsoft are not onboard with WebRTC. 

Temasys WebRTC plugin for Internet Explorer, Safari now available for licensing by services providers and developers - click on either image for their website.   

Yet the opportunity and probable need still exists for key applications as they point out like:
- Enable faster and better applications
- Multiplayer gaming
- File & document sharing and collaboration
- Screen sharing
- Financial transactions
- Near-HD video with low bandwidth
- Content delivery
Clearly there are great opportunities by the telcoms and others to gain in this marketspace like this:


Bottom-line - IMHO a few things need to occur.  Simplified development and delivery and user-driven, not telco-driven user demand.  Temasys may have the key as they have a real grasp of reality.



Lync Apps and Twitter Accounts


Here is a start at compiling a list of all the Lync app providers and their Twitter accounts. If you are keen on Lync please follow them and @techtionary to get into the social media game.  If you are not listed or have additional Twitter accounts please email us.     


Note: Some companies also provide Professional Services and applications may support other PBX systems


Gains/losses are for month of September 2014 from 9-1 to 10-2. 




Twitter Name



CA Technologies
























Modality Systems




























Enabling Technologies




















ACS Lync
























CTI Group
















Ferrari Electronic
















































Bridge Communication




























Dolphin Norway








































Calero Software








CVT (Australia)





Don't be shy if you have any comments or want to do your own OPED, please send them to cross@gocross.com 



Why A TECH Twitter Scoreboard 


https://origin.ih.constantcontact.com/fs179/1102578441475/img/2866.jpgWith ~135,00+ new users a day signing up for Twitter and 271 million monthly active users with 500 million Twitter posts are sent per day and 78% of Twitter active users are on mobile, Twitter is "the" means for nearly all aspects of your business including human resources. If you are still not convinced of the importance of Twitter for your business click one image for article on Top-10 reasons for using Twitter for your business.  


If you still doubt the power of Twitter here are some recent news headlines regarding Twitter and social media.  


- An IBM sales study indicates that 75% of B2B buyers are likely to use social media as part of their purchasing decision.


- Via Linkedin - "By 2015 50% of buyer-seller-support interaction will happen through social media by 2020 it will be 85%." 


- Via @NPR radio "AC Nielsen reports that 87% of Twitter users surveyed make #buying decisions based on #Twitter posts and followers.


In today's business world, you are measured by many factors including the number of Twitter followers you have.  In fact many surveys have found that websites in general are perceived as passive customer communication tools with Twitter being a far more proactive customer-engaging tool.  These surveys have also found an increasing number of customers go to your Twitter account before they go to your website doing "due diligence" on you looking for call-to-actions, thought leadership and content useful in their purchasing as well as customer complaints regarding your solution.  Your client may not have a Twitter business account but they may have a personal account and their advisors may as well.


https://origin.ih.constantcontact.com/fs179/1102578441475/img/2822.jpgTECH Twitter Scoreboard
Here comes a new tool. The Tech Scoreboard is designed to give you a benchmark of your Twitter performance as you can't force people to Follow you and according to an increasing number of sources - customers visit your Twitter before they go to your website.  Gaining "meaningful followers" is a voluntary one, it is a good measure of "good will" you have in the marketplace you serve.


Categories for Companies & CEOs Listed

Master Agencies/VARs | Distributors | Dealers | Professional & Managed Services | Outsourcing | Telephone Companies | Internet Service Providers | Carriers | Transit | Peering | Wholesale | Co-Location | Cable | Broadband | Data Centers | Cloud | Hosting | PBX/IP/SBC, Cloud/Hosted Communications | VoIP/SIP Trunking | Cloud APIs Apps | Saas-Paas | Contact Center Solutions | SDN-Software Defined Networks & NFV-Network Functions Virtualization - Bandwidth Management | Phones and Special Devices | Security | Specialty | Management | Billing | Call Accounting | Microsoft Lync Apps | WebRTC | OSS | TEM | Payment Processing | Chat-Pic Apps | Collaboration | MDM-Mobile Device Management


Bottom-line - Twitter is a must-have for customer service and the fastest, best way to post promotions, press, products, specials, buzz, events, reports, support issues and more.




 Today, Lyncosphere - "Lync Visualized" is released.

Click on image for Lyncosphere (uses Flash)


After a lot of beta testing and feedback this new microsite that is designed for indepth explanations and explorations of Lync by providers of Lync solutions and applications. 

Here are some view comments: 


"Lyncosphere is an innovative way to help sales, channel and end users "see" how Lync works. This really helps me engage with customers faster and get solutions understood by all the decision-makers."

                              - Matt Jolly - Senior Support Engineer Vology.com


"Lyncosphere visualizes how Lync works and helps you understand which 3rd party Lync solutions are available to provide additional functionality to your Lync environment." 

                              - Rui Maximo - CEO Lync-Solutions.com


"This is a very good - well done indeed, it would be of great use to both channel partners and end users evaluating Lync."

     - Douglas GreenPublisher, TelecomReseller/Usernews Publications - The World's Leading News Source for Unified Communications, Collaboration and Cloud  www.telecomreseller.com 



#NotOneMore - IM Voice - Broadcast Alerts - Personal Alarms - Group Chat




As the need to protect staff, students, customers, visitors and others increases, there is a corresponding need for mobile apps to add some level of notification and emergency communication.  iPeerSafe is a personal and peer safety and social networking alert and chatting app allowing users to add text, images and audio recordings for iPhone, iPad or iTouch.


Key features:

- Personal Panic Alarm with posting text, images, color-coding priorities and audio recordings to Facebook, Twitter, email and emergency calling


- Broadcast Alert with text, images, audio recordings and color-coded highlights to all users in same school


- Class Assignment feature for class work projects and collaboration as well as teacher-student chatting


- School/college peer, group, parent and global chatting


https://origin.ih.constantcontact.com/fs179/1102578441475/img/2696.png - Journal-Diary - private and shareable notepads on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Email as well as doodlepad graphics tool


- Weather from local area


- Calendar with more than 70 icons to indicate type of meeting and reminders  


Please visit http://ipeersafe.com/ for tips, applications and ideas.





Bottom-line - I have completed  a brief exploration of findings in research in more than 30 citations regarding both real and online safety dealing with other persons of potentially harmful and deadly threats including bullying and cyberbullying.   







Click here  for Top-10 Tips for Personal & Peer Safety in School, Business, Campus and Public Settings.





Need help with a Microsoft - Unified Communications channel sales and marketing communications strategy

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https://origin.ih.constantcontact.com/fs179/1102578441475/img/2477.jpgSecurity Issue - Restricting Remote Access to Only Corporate-Issued Computers



Corporate security policies require employees to use only corporate-issued computers to connect to the corporate network. Personal devices aren't permitted to connect to internal resources. How can I enforce security policies for users connecting to Lync Server from a sanctioned computer?



By configuring the Security Edge Filter and Security Web Filter to block NTLM authentication requests as well as restricting authentication requests from only authorized Active Directory domains, the Security Filters prevent users from connecting to Lync Server from a non-corporate issued computer at the network perimeter.



Lync Server when published to the Internet are susceptible to many types of attacks. Without a solution such as the Security Edge Filter and Security Web Filter, user accounts can easily be locked out in Active Directory Domain Services, passwords can be brute-forced, internal Lync Server resources can be consumed unnecessarily by DDoS attacks, Lync meeting attendees can be hacked by cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks, and many more attacks (SOAP, XML, etc) as shown in the following figure.  



With the Security Edge Filter and Security Web Filters, attacks can be blocked at the network perimeter as illustrated in the following diagram.





Top-10 Tips for #Hast Tags 


Click on image for complete article






Certified Training - Affordable, Available, Actionable & Tax Deductible 


WebRTC-SIP Certification, Social Media Contact Centers, Sales Professionals and Business

Custom and Complete SIP Professional Certification Program




Certified SIP Professional and Senior Certified SIP Technical Professional Testing Now Available


Click on image for details.  TECHtionary is proud to announce the availability of two SIP certification testing and online, online and webinar training programs.  The CSP-Certified SIP Professional certification is designed to review and test general and some technical knowledge with 50 questions.  The Senior Certified SIP Technical Professional (SCSTP)  examination is designed to test advanced technical skills in SIP. The exam consists of 70 multiple choice and true-false questions.  Both tests are designed to help in planning, design, implementation, network assessment as well as security, diagnostics and troubleshooting. 


Some though certainly not all of the topics on the Senior Certified SIP Technical Professional examination include: CODEC, DSP, Clipping, dipping, Queuing Delay, Network Propagation, Serialization, Buffer Delay, Fragmentation, Interleaving, Voice Payload, HSRP, Adaptive Jitter Buffer, Oversubscription, Voice Activity Detector, White Noise, Comfort Noise, Noise Detectors, MOS, E-model, Nyquist-Shannon, Framing, PCM, ADPCM, DSP, CODEC sampling, Transcoding, Tandem encoding, Echo, Echo Loss, Short Tail, Hybrid, SNR, CNR, RFI, Crosstalk, Shared Neutrals, RTCP-XR, SRTP, MD5, CMP, POE, 802.1P, ALG, MSRP, IMS, WebRTC-Apps, SALT, SAML, Voice XML, RPC, BICC, ISUP, IP Multimedia Subsystems and other topics. 




If you need iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows phone apps custom built for your business applications or new ideas, we have proven experience and U.S. based product/project management.  Click on image for more. 






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